09 August 2007

Testing Windows Live Writer

It seems only fair to give WLW a shot as well. It's actually very, very good, certainly the best blog client I've ever tried (even though I wish it'd allow you to enter arbitrary HTML tags -- but hey, plugins!).

As usual, Microsoft gets there late, but will probably manage to steal the show.

BTW, just to test a few plugins... last night we watched this "little" movie:

(uhm, what a huge box. And why the hell does it include various people in the link? Whatever.)

Update: when you update a post, sometimes a Blogger blog is not automatically republished. Bit of a PITA.


Unknown said...

Uhm, the acronym tag for BTW contains a bit too much text, IMHO. Don't know if it's a mistake on your part, or if WLW (or the plug-in you used) played a role in that.

toyg said...

Fixed, tnx. WYSIWYG editing has its quirks, reminds me of some Word behaviours with paragraph formatting.