26 August 2007

It's 4.52 AM (GMT +0)

This, folks, is why I stopped drinking coffee. Also, this is why they call 5 PM "tea-time". Tea-time, not "latte-time" or "espresso-time". I wonder how long I'd stay awake with amphetamines. Better not to try.


Unknown said...

So, you really didn't stop to drink coffeee, did you? ;-)

I had the same problem on the same night. It wasn't coffee, just that I slept too much in the morning and a little bit in the afternoon. However, Three Colors: White and a little bit of Internet helped entertaining myself before sleep got over, at 4:15 AM (GMT+2, though).

What time did you go to sleep at, in the end?

toyg said...

Well, I tackled the addiction, I just allow myself the odd "latte" (like a big "cappuccino" for Italians) when we end up at some respectable joint with Illy Caffè ;) This will occasionally happen around morning or mid-day, only at weekends... unfortunately, yesterday it was a bit too late!

I finally managed to sleep around 5.40, and woke again around 10, so I'm not completely "dead man walking" today.