12 March 2017

A new Freestyle ...?

A bit of serendipity. Yesterday I noticed that hey, I barely charge my Bluetooth Kinesis Freestyle2 (which I reviewed here) once or twice per year. I duly tweeted about it, and the folks at Kinesis replied saying 4 to 6 months on a single charge is expected, which is awesome.

Then I went to their twitter page to follow their account, and there I discovered that they now have a kickstarter for a new Freestyle model, supposedly built for gamers. This looks awesome, in the sense that it addresses my few issues with the old model: the ability to program and remap keys, real mechanical switches, and backlighting.

It looks like the "first edition" pledges are US-only, but the simple preorders shipping in September are worldwide, so - go support the campaign! I did :)