05 August 2002

Ooops! They did it again... MicroSoft should stop playing with EULAs, and clarify what they are really selling.
A - It's a final product? Ok, we can't ask anything to MS, but we are *free* of doing whatever else we like with it (reverse engineering, reselling etc etc) and they can't change the EULA. B - It's a service they provide for a limited time, as in the last EULAs? Ok, we can't reinstall it on different machines etc etc, but they must provide support and fixes, clarify the time limitations and fees, and be suitable for product related problems (data-loss, etc).
Otherwise, is a legal farce that sooner or later will be ended by the public.
More MS EULA Fun On Slashdot: Your Rights Online
Microsoft EULA asks for root rights - again On The Register
Busy weekend. I'm moving from Milan, Italy to Preston, Lancashire (UK)... to another still-to-find job (quickly, I hope), to another life... You can see something about this at my girlie blog (italian only, but pictures speak for themselves). Btw, if you need a junior developer with more than 2 years of experience, and you're in the Manchester/Lancashire area, contact me! :)

02 August 2002

Tried Freenet: my p2 550mhz with RAM 384mb was almost crashing... :( too bad. Seen also JXTA and JTella specs... they're both in early development stage. I'm a little discouraged about all the P2P idea.

01 August 2002

On ToyWareHouse you, dear reader, will find my useless thoughts about useless things. If you did find them useful, fine. Otherwise, fine as well. Ok, let's start. I'm currently thinking about creating a peer-to-peer application for sharing comic books. I like comics. Well, probably not your comics. I'm sure you think comics are all superhero crap: they aren't. I hate superheroes, really. Comic world needs help in getting rid of this stupid situation ("comics=superheroes=for kids"), and I think sharing good comics (often rare and expensive) would be great for this. So, I was thinking about a napster-like app. But: 1) the client-server architecture is old, and suffers many problems (ex: big servers with great bandwidth are needed). 2) napster is dead and you know why... 3) I don't have the spare time and the knowledge needed for creating an all-new protocol from the ground. so... 1&2) I need a decentralized network. 3) I need a decentralized network already made. I looked at Gnutella. Simple, decentralized, with many open-source apps to learn from, with a big userbase. mhhh, good... Sadly, the developers' community is full of shithead; the network is quite unstable; "search horizon" limit is... well, a limit. So, I'm looking at Freenet, trying to understand if it fits my "wishlist". Probably, I'll need to learn Java.