20 August 2007

Live Search Maps sucks

I wanted to post a simple map about my daily commuting, using the "insert map" plug-in for WLW, but the map at Microsoft's Live Search Maps is so spectacularly bad and inaccurate that I really can't (and of course, the plug-in doesn't work with GoogleMaps). Entire areas of Stockport, UK (one of the primary business destinations in the North-West of England since the XIX century, not your average residential 'hood) are completely unmapped. The maps are provided by NAVTEQ, so shame on them... I remember seeing one of their cars regularly parked, when I used to live in Chorlton (one of the most expensive areas in Manchester right now), but apparently they couldn't be bothered to properly map that zone as well. And this stuff supposedly powers GPS navigators. Did Microsoft buy 10-year-old maps...?

1 comment:

Gambolian said...

Horrible map.Can't save a map because the save feature is under the task bar which makes it impossible to save.
Fuck Microsoft.I'll stick with Google thanx