30 May 2022

On OneStream

If you follow me on LinkedIn, you might have noticed that, about two years ago, I joined OneStream.

I've since refrained from writing about it, for a number of reasons: the product is massive, so it took a while to get to grasp with it; my new role kinda constrained what I could talk about; and I thought I wasn't particularly well-qualified yet to speak about the subject.

I recently attended the Splash conference for the first time. One of the things I brought home from San Antonio (together with a certain virus most people thought defeated) was the belief that, by now, I actually know a few things about OneStream - and there is a big hunger for that knowledge among clients and partners. The leadership is aware of this, so it was easy to get the greenlight on a few related projects.

This means that I'll be writing a bunch of posts in the next couple of months, on OneStream-related subjects. They might not be published here, but wherever they end up, I'll make sure to link them from here. I'm a geek, not a marketer, so they will be technical posts about getting stuff done; there is already plenty of material on why you should use OneStream for your planning and financial consolidation needs - what people need is to learn how you can do that, and that's where I'm going to help.

In the meantime, if you'd like me to cover a particular topic, feel free to reach out (here, on LinkedIn, or at my OneStreamSoftware.com address (glacava@).