08 August 2003

Dev Shed - Using Subqueries In MySQL (part 1) - Opiate Of The Masses

Dev Shed - Using Subqueries In MySQL: "One of the newest features in MySQL, and one of its most eagerly-anticipated ones, is subqueries. Subqueries have been on the MySQL wishlist for a while; they've finally made an appearance in MySQL 4.1" You don't know how much subqueries are useful until you can't have them.

06 August 2003

Jon's Radio

Jon Udell: "Define a simple RSS 2.0 module for job metadata. Deliver a job feed that's enriched with data in that module's namespace. Invite one or more RSS aggregators to support it. It would be a win-win for everybody. " Oh yeah, I would certainly kill for a job-aggregator, especially now...

Slashdot | Bob The Builder Gets A Personality Transplant

Slashdot | Bob The Builder Gets A Personality Transplant: "'Bob the IT support guy!' 'Bob the IT support guy!' 'can he fix it?!?' 'No he can't, because that's not his department, it's a software issue and it was raised with management over a month ago'"

05 August 2003

I Love Bruce Schneier

Counterpane: Crypto-Gram: July 15, 2003: "When you see counterproductive, invasive, or just plain stupid security, don't let it slip by. Write the letter. Create a Web site. File a FOIA request. Make some noise. You don't have to join anything; noise need not be more than individuals standing up for themselves. You don't win every time. But you do win sometimes."

Clerks Joke Of The Day

Joe Gregorio - The Well-Formed Web:"And of course, who can forget Mark Pilgrim:
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
X-Clerks: I'm not even supposed to BE here today!

04 August 2003


Raymond Chen: Why do you have to click the Start button to shut down?: "Short answer: The same reason you turn the ignition key to shut off your car."