29 September 2005

Going corporate really *is* good for your wealth

Payday! Company pension scheme! I'm even investing money now!
My soul goes cheap, but I really can't complain now.


I'm back to blogspot for a while, a bit tired of taking care of a custom-solution. My current interests are not very web-related, so I suppose I can tolerate a mainstream, slow and unflexible solution like Blogger. The next few posts will probably be about my puny attempts at learning Qt via the Python bindings, building some sort of bibliographic-metadata software (interested? drop me a line: g dot lacava at gmail.com), plus some everyday Linux maintenance zen. Or maybe about right-wing policies failing all over the world, the oncoming Chinese Quiet Empire, peak oil, and the twilight of the American Century. I suppose my weekly commute to Cardiff to see my gf will get the odd post or two. And some pictures from the shiny new Samsung Z500 phone I have with me. But no cats.