15 July 2003

Post-human Japan again

Wired 11.08: Fat Pipe Dream: "Softbank has spent close to $2 billion building out a gigabit Ethernet network and leasing copper wire from Japanese telecom giant Nippon Telegraph and Telephone. The result is a service, offered under the Yahoo! BB brand, that provides Internet access to Japanese homes at 12 megabits per second - eight times faster than what Americans are used to - for about $21 a month. "

This guy is definately crazy, but the technical point behind his madness is interesting: the pure GbEthernet-based network carries perfect data and requires small maintenaince, thus the "voice" costs (that is, VoIP) are almost null, and the available bandwidth is stunning. Too bad Europe won't ever have a similar thing (no one has that much money and that much crazyness), but newly-built places like Phoenix or LA could, one day, feature similar things.

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