23 July 2003

Mozilla State Of The Union

The Mozilla Development Roadmap has been updated: "It's clear now that we will not be able to switch to Mozilla Firebird by the Mozilla 1.5 final milestone. Instead, we expect Mozilla 1.5 to coincide with Mozilla Firebird 0.7. But we intend to implement the new application architecture in the next several milestones".
Meanwhile, Netscape has been basically shut down by AOL, and the Mozilla copyright burden is now on the Mozilla Foundation shoulders. This means that now Mozilla will be marketed as and end-user browser, and not just as a development test-bed for future Netscape versions (as it was).
Is this good? Yes: now everything is clear, and if I go to the mozilla homepage I can easily find that A) Mozilla is a browser, and B) where I should go to download it.
At the same time, is this bad? Yes, because the Netscape brand was very well known between non-tech users, while Mozilla isn't yet there. Thus, MS now is probably even happier about the browser-war result than before.

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