03 July 2003

PHP5, the future, Heartbeat status, and a packet of crisps

I'm pretty new to this TrackBack thing... Should I link directly to the post or to the "TrackBack" link on the page? mah. Anyway, Php|Architect expresses a reasonable opinion about the Php5b1 issue. Yes, it's better than before. No, it's not the Holy Grail of web scripting. Yes, everyone should try it, and IMHO it could also be worth a few "experimental" websites. Hopefully I'll have to build a project management coordination tool for Voodoo in the next few weeks; I still don't like the .NET idea, I won't touch VBScript again (I swear!), thus it's now between java, javascript and php. If we choose the latter, I'll push for using the version 5 and do proper OOP design, despite the (relatively small) problem of multiple inheritance not being available.

On another note, yesterday I added some things to the framework. I'm currently working on the database abstraction problem, i.e. how to move away the query building from the Item implementation thus sharing it between different target languages. It's a bit hard, mainly because I need some extra logic for joins and many_to_many relationship tables.

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