06 January 2008

Thank $DEITY for version control

  • User points out a little bug in program
  • Author meanwhile made several changes to the codebase, not ready for release yet, but the required fix is trivial
  • Author checks out the latest tagged release from svn repository, tags as new release, commits fix, uploads and announces updated version in a few minutes
  • (...and right after that, he realises that there are other places in which the change must be applied, so he repeats the last step...)
  • With calm and tranquility, a day later, author applies changes to trunk (thanks to KDiff3)


Unknown said...

Didn't the fourth point also lead to a little refactoring, so that you'd be able to perform subsequent changes of the same kind on a single place in code?

toyg said...

Eh, should do :)
As soon as the people at sourceforge accept the project proposal, I'll put this in the bugtracker...