11 January 2008

I love the smell of releasing in the morning

I am release-addicted.

I really enjoy cleaning up before packaging, and then putting my (ugly) code somewhere on the public web, hoping that it will help somebody. I probably have some sort of syndrome, "DCDD".

This week, after a few days banging on a little java project (that is coming along nicely, btw), I felt a bit dispirited: it looked like the more I did, the more there was to do. Luckily, KDelicious offered a nice alternative, and given its nature (it's a very small program) it's pretty much impossible for the codebase to be horribly far from release-quality at any given time. So I moved my attention to that and lo, there was a release! How nice :)

Now I can go back to the java stuff with more calm, conscious that there's no way I can release anything before the holiday (next week we'll be in NYC!). I love this post-orgasmic Zen feeling.

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