05 January 2008

The Linux community deserves better blogging tools

Dear lazyweb, did the KDE community ever produce a decent blogging tool?

All I can find are half-baked applets, or java programs, or GNOME programs, and they all fail miserably when trying to connect to Blogspot since Google launched the new API.

We only need a little plugin for Kate or Quanta to do a few things: connect, open a post, open a draft, publish. I tried to do it myself, with Python, adapting the examples that David Boddie posted a few years ago, but so far no luck (whenever the plugin is called, Kate segfaults); I guess it would be much easier in C++, I really should learn it sooner or later. Doing it the other way (by including kparts from Kate and then adding stuff) is wrong and much more wasteful, lots of tools could potentially get instant gains by having a KService to interoperate with the GData API. Or maybe something like this will be in KDE 4...?

If anybody builds it, I swear I volunteer for documentation and italian translation.

EDIT: what about a jEdit plugin? This would even be cross-platform. Uhmmm, nice little project...

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