28 May 2013

Social Abstinence

On Saturday evening, I've officially stopped using Facebook, Twitter and G+.

The reason is that I was sucked into socialmedia-overload by certain political events back in my home town (i.e. a referendum). I unofficially took over a troll-cleaning role and started enjoying the keyboard-warrior role a bit too much. I recognised, halfway through, that my engagement had gone way beyond sane levels. I forced myself to promise that, once the situation was over, I'd stop living on the internet and reassess my life priorities. The night before the referendum was due to be hold, I posted a goodbye status on Facebook, and logged off. Then I went on twitter to say what I'd done, and thought I might as well go the extra mile and quit that as well as G+.

"We" won that referendum. I like to think that I helped, if just a little bit. Now it's time to re-establish some focus on my own priorities, look outside the window, be a better dad, exercise regularly, that sort of thing.

If you need me, for the next few months please use email or any other instrument developed in the XX Century. Thank you.

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