14 August 2008

Export your books from aNobii to GoodReads

This is a quick & dirty hack to translate your book data from the CSV file produced by aNobii to the format accepted by GoodReads (and LibraryThing, apparently). The main advantages of this approach are that you will maintain your reviews and rating, and if GoodReads fails to find a book it will tell you the title (whereas if you just use a list of ISBNs, it won't).
Cons: I couldn't be bothered to mess with strptime, so you might lose your reading date; also, all your books will be imported with the default status ("read" for me).

You can download the script from here, it works with Python 2.4 and 2.5 (probably 2.3 as well). Feel free to improve it, I scratched my itch so I'm happy as it is.

UPDATE 2012-04-12: Alper Çugun updated and improved the script; if you plan to actually use it, please get his version from his Github repo.


qdony said...


I have tried to download this script, but my browser seems unable to retrieve it.

Would you be so kind as to post it again, please?

Many thanks in advance.

toyg said...

My webhost made some config changes and screwed up :) now it should be fixed, refresh the page and download the zip. Note that the script is from last year, it may or may not work today...

qdony said...

Thanks a lot! I've downloaded the file, and I'll let you know whether it still works.

Alper said...

I've just patched it to work again: https://github.com/alper/Anobii2Goodreads

toyg said...

Thanks Alper, great stuff. I've updated the post.