26 September 2007

Python North-West meeting

So here it comes!
We sorted out the location thanks to the fantastic Manchester Digital Development Agency. They offered us their room free of charge, with projector & free wifi! For once, I'm very happy about paying taxes (MDDA is funded with public money).

The first meeting of the Python North-West community will feature a short talk on Django, "the web framework for perfectionists with deadlines"; I'll share my experience in building a django-powered site using some of the "contrib middleware", and what you can expect from it. I'm confident I'll lower the bar so much, that people will step up for further talks real quick ;)

Then people will be able to showcase their cool python stuff, get tips from others, and just have a chat with fellow-minded python geeks. Since there's free wifi and the room is secure, laptops are welcome!

If anyone wants to give a talk at this meeting (or the next one, or the one after that...), they can post the idea on the mailing list or contact me. Michael Sparks will probably talk about "Greylisting with Kamaelia" next month.

I also created a Python North-West Google Calendar, to track meetings & other stuff: feed - iCal - HTML.

See you there!


Unknown said...

"Contrib middleware"? What's that?

toyg said...

In django, you can build "middleware": basically plug-in apps that can intercept requests, add interfaces, etc etc. The auto-gen admin interface is a middleware itself, which comes pre-packaged in the "contrib" namespace, together with lots of other stuff (like i18n, sessions, etc etc). So the "contrib middleware" is the standard set of tools & helpers that you can add to django out-of-the-box.