06 June 2014

Dash docset for Python 2.2.1 (i.e. Jython for Weblogic / Websphere)

I use Dash quite a bit, so I just spent a little bit of time creating a docset from Python 2.2.1 documentation. This old Python version matches the Jython implementation shipped with Oracle WebLogic ("WebLogic Scripting Tool", or WLST) and IBM WebSphere.

To install it in your Dash, just click on this link:dash-feed://https%3A%2F%2Fraw.githubusercontent.com%2Ftoyg%2Fpy221dashdocs%2Fmaster%2Ffeed.xml

The source script is in my GitHub repo, and you can manually download resulting packages on the Release page.

As tempting as it is, the idea to repackage webapp-specific documentation (e.g. for connect(), startEdit() etc) is a non-starter due to Oracle and IBM being quite trigger-happy with their copyright lawyers.

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