25 February 2011

XKCD Fanfiction

Panel 1:
Stick Figure A: "Can you believe it? I once touched Michael Jackson's HAND!"
Stick Figure B: "So what?"

Panel 2:
SFB: "You touched the hand of a singer famous for grabbing his private parts while dancing. Did this improve your life in any way?"

SFA: "..."

Panel 3:
SFB: "I mean, did you ever SPEAK to him? Did he write you a SONG or something?"

Panel 4:
SFA: "No, but last year Donald Knuth waved at me through a cafeteria window."
SFB: "Dude, that's AWESOME!"

ALT-TEXT: "He was really looking at some Finnish creep behind me, one Snoopy Torvalds I think. Yeah, never heard of him either."

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