07 January 2010

N900 first impression

Cool. Feels sturdier than iPhone. Opening the battery compartment is shockingly hard, which is surprising if you think that Nokia always paid a lot of attention to battery slots etc. The hardware keyboard is undoubtedly better than virtual ones, and key size is about right for my clumsy fingers. Desktop navigation is da bomb, incredibly better and more customizable than anything seen before. Default browser is lovely if a bit idiosyncratic, mostly due to the erratic touchscreen. Ah, the touchscreen: worse than iPhone, sorry. The stylus is still quite handy. Apps: quite a bit of them, after enabling the extras repository, and decent quality. Will try the ovi store later. The feeling is that, finally, Nokia built a device for the internet: the network is taken for granted and integrated everywhere. The web experience is so good that custom clients (e.g. for twitter or facebook) are hardly needed. I'm writing this post from MaStory, but I could have used blogger.com and the experience would not have been much worse. And of course, this phone runs linux. Which means that you can hack it to death, and that the market is fully open. S60 developers can officially retire, Maemo is simply on another planet. Now let's hope Nokia won't blow this massive chance...

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