13 July 2008

Being a better typist

I confess: I am a "hunt'n'peck" typist. Like many, I didn't get lessons in typing, but thanks to my obsession for computers I developed my own particular form of "memory-touch-typing"; basically I'm fairly fast, but I only use 4-to-6 fingers, and I often have to stop and see where my hands ended up, which slows me down a lot and makes me lose concentration in what I was typing.

This means that periodically I get out a "learn to type" program and try to improve my typing skills. At the moment I'm working with KTouch, a nice GPL application belonging to the KDE Edutainment project. And I'm trying hard not to look at the keyboard while writing this!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ma sei bravissimissima!!oneone11eleven! :D

(Mo' dovrò dedicare 5 minuti anche ai programmi rieducational di linux/KDE. :-P )