20 July 2006

Retrogaming my way to hell

Retrogaming is for the 70's generation what boat- or plane-modeling is for the baby boomers. You see grown-up men getting all teary-eyed talking about BubbleBobble and Super Mario, and going to great lengths to reproduce their old machines just to play their old games and feel like a kid again.

This to say that I spent the last two nights with a new joypad (I hadn't bought one for myself for 15 years) and several old Amiga games (running thanks to the emulators WinFellow for Windows and E-UAE for Linux). I actually even fell ill by lack of sleep.

These names probably won't say much to non-Amigaers, but I'm having so much fun playing them again, 20 years later, and rediscovering games that were so originally unique and that you could play in 5 second without even looking at the manual once... Kick-Off, Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge, Arkanoid, Bubble Bobble (ported on Amiga by BT -- yes, British Telecom!), Mousetrap, TestDrive, Barbarian, Ivan Ironman, Turrican (spectacular soundtrack!), Xenon2, Typhoon, Populous... even SimCity (that was born on Amiga first, and then ported to other platforms).
Is this a reaction to taking out a mortgage and preparing my wedding?

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Last night I finally remembered the title of that beat-em up video game that hit the Amiga market in the same time frame as Mortal Kombat II. It was called Shadow Fighter (perhaps taken from a manga, since the Wikipedia page just talks about that) and reviewers were very keen on it.