28 June 2006

One of those days

In Which the Author Proclaims to Feel Bored and Proceeds to Bore his Readers as Well.

A day-long software installation is working in background, and I feel bored.

I had a dream, last night, about a lion with the body of a cow. People were afraid and passed near it pretending not to care, very slowly. A friend (who I knew, but doesn't exist) told me not to worry, that it was easy, just walk slowly and it won't do anything to me. So I tried, but the lion-cow felt my fear and hit me with the side of its head. I was scared.
I don't remember anything else about it, but I suppose it's better to write it down here before I forget. It's quite a rare occasion for me to remember dreams.

Sometimes I think I should try to be creative again... that I should write something, or code something, instead of repeating these semi-mechanical acts of system administration (install some software, use it once or twice, then break it and try to fix it, play a game, repeat). Unfortunately, "being creative" takes so much time, and effort, and it's the easiest thing to procrastinate since it doesn't really stop anything else from getting done. I suspect this might be quite Wrong, in fact.

I built a UI mockup for a little program to manage and assign housekeeping tasks, using Qt Designer (neat tool, after learning a bit about it); this is for the new house I am buying with Cristina... we might end up managing the h.k. rota before we can actually get into the house (mortgage companies and estate agents are parasites). So there's another little python project entering the huge group of Programs I Never Quite Managed To Complete.

Oh, the install has ended. More later, I suppose.

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