29 September 2005


I'm back to blogspot for a while, a bit tired of taking care of a custom-solution. My current interests are not very web-related, so I suppose I can tolerate a mainstream, slow and unflexible solution like Blogger. The next few posts will probably be about my puny attempts at learning Qt via the Python bindings, building some sort of bibliographic-metadata software (interested? drop me a line: g dot lacava at gmail.com), plus some everyday Linux maintenance zen. Or maybe about right-wing policies failing all over the world, the oncoming Chinese Quiet Empire, peak oil, and the twilight of the American Century. I suppose my weekly commute to Cardiff to see my gf will get the odd post or two. And some pictures from the shiny new Samsung Z500 phone I have with me. But no cats.

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Byron said...

WARNING: This is a protest post. Enough of this technical rubbish, enough of this evil corp split personality crisis. We want Giacomo posting of his life, what he does, sees and thinks. We want gossip, humour and feelings and we want them now! Giacomo come back! Figghiu miuu!!! Torn'a'ccasa! baci xx