24 June 2003

Back on Track

And after twenty years in Nicaragua, eventually.... HE'S HERE!!!!

Yes, I'm back. So what? Fuck You. Die Puny Humans.

Serious Things

Giulio summarises various things going on in the blogsphere. Someone is asking for a new RSS format. Fucking hell. People, make your mind up. You spent YEARS to produce a common syndication format. RSS is not about technology, design, conceptual models, or other Stuff-Big-Techie-Heads-Have-To-Produce-To-Change-Our-Lives. RSS is about POLITICS. It's about coordinated acceptance of a common standard for everyone to use. You change the standard, and it will take YEARS for this change to be effective. Look at html. It took AGES to to completely move on from version 3 to 4, and it ended up with what, Explorer 5. Do you want to do the same with RSS? Good Luck. You'll repeat exactly the same situation: years of misused "standards", horrible hacks, unaccessible resources, and so on.

RSS 2.0 works just fine, and it's being accepted more and more. Do the right thing: leave it alone! Use your spare time in other ways. Go to the moon, take a trip to Brazil.

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